Smokin' Sounds

** Live Music Fiesta * Smokin' BBQ * Family & Friends * Intimate Atmosphere **


Dave & Cath

Dave & Cath

Smokin’ Sounds is an annual music festival which celebrates live music, Southern USA style smoked BBQ, (plus the vegan-friendly version of it)  and friends & family. Founded By David Toomey and Catherine Smibert in 2009, the festival was born on a magical Winter day in a Brisbane backyard. 

We fully intend Smokin’ Sounds to be an annual tradition so plan for it to take a permanent place in your annual festival calendar!  

It was conceived specifically to get all of our family and friends together in one place and give talented artists a live platform. 

Key supporters and fellow founders of the event are Heath, Amanda, Raz, Jules, Emma & Squid. 

Founding musicians are: 

  • Alexis Nicole
  • Catherine Smibert
  • Dheeraj Shrestha
  • Steve Williamson & Memo (The GyJazz)
  • Andrew Lowden
  • Carla Bellifemini
  • Greg ’GBass’ Tschernez

Dance like there is no-one watching! 

Dave & Cath. 

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