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Catherine Smibert

Catherine Smibert

Catherine Smibert

Catherine Smibert

What some people are not aware of is Cath’s artistic flair – whether on stage singing or speaking, she’s at home.  She loves to paint and create beauty for people to be inspired as well.

Catherine Smibert

Catherine Smibert

Cath is known, where she has played, for her versatility and dynamic performance style which has taken her around the world.

Based in Europe for 6.5 years she fronted various Jazz, blues and Funk bands, held leading roles in a variety of touring musicals as well as co-ordinating opera and gospel music at the Vatican and key European Cathedral events.

Though having studied singing under a variety of European Gurus as well as training classically at Sydney’s Conservatorium of music, her natural ability for music was first fostered by her family and began creating a traditional soul, jazz and lyrical repertoire from the age of 5!

Originally trained as a pianist & violinist by Suzuki method, Catherine’s primary love is singing – and she does so with an ecclectic 5-octave range.

Cath also loves to pass on her secrets…

She was awarded Young Citizen of the Year on Australia Day 1998 after launching an initiative to train and motivate talented, yet underprivileged youth. The Parramatta Performing Arts Troupe successfully raised funds for other such youth and themselves as they showcased.

Cath has also trained people going into mission lands with basic vocal skills to enhance their appeal to underdeveloped communities.

Her volunteer work includes coordinating youth performing arts troupes for local government, UN youth leadership lecturing, crisis pregnancy counselling and fundraising events management for research into human trafficking.

Catherine’s passionate about many things and protecting our planet is one of them. That’s why she’s a member of Super Green Me. She also does this as the director of Catalyst Commedia which works on customised PR/ Marketing projects for non profit orgs.

She attended MacDonald Performing Arts College as a Dancer and Musician and has Degree in Media and Communications from Macquarie University (2001.) Her influences are varied but she has a special love of Eva Cassidy.


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